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Welcome to UN Academic Impact Korea.

The 21st century is characterized by interconnectedness, interdependence, and dynamism. The globe is interconnected in facing the common challenges of poverty, terror, violence, global warming, and the lack of moral principles. Humans have caused much of these dilemma, yet it is also humans who have the key to the solutions. In this effort, education, especially global citizenship education, is increasingly emphasized. This is a comprehensive and holistic education that nurtures individuals as global citizens who perceive the world as a global village, and accept diversity in the spirit of tolerance, rooted in virtues of integrity and responsibility. Global Citizenship Education nurtures such urgently needed capacities to pursue global solutions.

The United Nations has long promoted education to achieve the core values of the UN Charter: world peace, development, and protection of human rights. In addition, recognizing the needs of our time, the UN promoted global citizenship education as a significant policy agenda in achieving the values of the UN charter. For this purpose the Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon initiated United Nations Academic Impact (UNAI) in 2010, and Global Education First Initiative (GEFI) in 2012. In initiating the UN Academic Impact, Secretary Ban urged all institutions of higher education throughout the world to participate in the UN policies and activities. In 2015, to achieve the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), global citizenship education was included as a significant task, and UNAI was appointed to fulfill essential roles in promoting and implementing the UN’s core principles and activities.

The role of UNAI in global citizenship education is increasingly highlighted both in Korea and abroad. President Park Geun-hye stated at the High-Level Event of the UN Global Education First Initiative at the in 2015, “we will take active part in global efforts to foster global citizenship. By working with UNESCO and the UN Academic Impact, we will endeavor to promote global citizenship education,” showing Korea’s commitment to global citizenship education and the responsibilities of the UNAI.

Responding to such needs of the time, UNAI Korea has set its mission to support education’s role of social responsibility through mutual exchange among higher education institutions. Through various programs, UNAI Korea continues to create and disseminate new education paradigms to nurture global citizens and global leaders. The United Nations is asking universities to fulfill their social responsibility. Along with expanding access and enhancing the quality of education, it is now time to discuss cultivating global citizenship as one of the education goals. As a dedicated organization, UNAI Korea will continue to enthusiastically support this significant cause. We invite you to join us.

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