Board of Directors

Kim Hee-jun / Advisor, Meridian Management
Bu Gu-wuck / President, Youngsan University
Sung Nak-in / President, Seoul National University
Lee Ju-ho / Former Minister of Education, Science, and Technology; President, KDI School of Public Policy and Management
Chang Soon-heung / President, Handong Global University
Ham Jung-hyun / Vice President, Hanseo University

Advisory Board

Lee Chong Jae / Professor Emeritus, Seoul National University
Chang Hyun-sik / Visiting Professor, Graduate School of Public Administration, Seoul National University
Jung Ki-oh / Professor, Korea Nation University of Education
Cha Moon-joong / Senior Research Fellow, KDI Center for International Development
Choi Do-sung / Professor, Gachon University
Hong Eun-pyo / Professor, Sangmyung University
Scott Carlin / Professor, LIU Post


Kim Hong-gie / The LoS Senior Partner, Deal Business of Samil PwC