Capacity Building
UNAI Collegian Research Paper Competition & Global Development Conference

Provide a space for dialogue and strategic planning for university students on current global challenges. Participation of students from developing countries is especially encouraged.

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Undergraduate Global Citizenship Education – ODA Outreach

Taking advantage of the accumulated resources as a UN affiliate organization, conduct research on practices of global citizenship education, provide tailored education and training demanded by select university students in Korea and overseas, train teachers and students in developing countries in cooperation with professional instructors from UN, and implement sustainability programs for local communities.

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Korea-China-Japan Sustainable Development Goals Workshop

Youth leaders of Korea, China, and Japan discuss peace, sustainable development, and protection of human rights with specialists and administrators in seminars and discussions to learn about UN agendas and foster global citizenship.

Global Citizenship Education Workshop for Capacity Building

Specialists share their knowledge on the present state of global citizenship education and enhance currently developing program and curriculum contents through presentations and discussions, thereby contributing to practical application of global citizenship education in institutions of higher education.